Welcome to the University of Stirling HEaTED (Higher Education and Technicians Educational Development) web site . The project is for all Technical Specialist staff supporting core research and teaching activity and is aimed at consolidating some of the developments and initiatives for HE Technical Specialists started and developed by HESDA over recent years.

Project information HEaTED aims to consolidate, promote and expand participation in professional development activities for HE technical staff, by working with both the technical and staff development communities in addressing the needs of all key stakeholders. To achieve this we will consult and inform all UK HE organisations and institutions who have a specific interest in the delivery of academic quality, excellence and value for money.

What will be the benefits?By tackling the key issues mentioned above HEaTED will look to develop an organisation and infrastructure that can help to further professionalise UK HE technical services to the benefit of the broader HE community.

These benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency, effectiveness and quality enhancement of services delivery
  • Enhanced support for teaching, learning and research
  • Retention and expansion of technical skills in the HE sector
  • The establishment of self supporting and financing technical body
  • The introduction of a national data gathering and data management system
  • Promotion of a UK wide CPD framework to help deliver the above

HEaTED report has been published